Key Benefits of our Electronic Survey Software Platform

  • Costs – does the setup of your surveys cost you an arm and a leg? Simply provide us with a spreadsheet of your questions and answers, we will setup your surveys at no charge.
  • Offline – are you being restricted to complete your surveys online? Continue with our surveys even when you are offline, the data can be uploaded when you reconnect.
  • Hardware – are you being restricted to use specific hardware? Use any of your current hardware devices: PC, laptop, tablet or smart-phone.
  • Software – are you being restricted to using proprietary software? Use any current web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome.
  • Mobile – are your customers being forced to squint and resize all the time? eCapture was built with mobile devices in mind, it automatically resizes according to your screen size.
  • Operating system – are you being restricted to using Windows or Mac? Use any current operating system: Windows, Android, Mac or Linux.
  • GPS – do you know where your surveys are being completed? Track and trace them with our GPS and mapping features.

eCapture Survey Software Platform

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