Create Surveys Simply.

Our unique electronic survey software platform provides a simple method of conducting surveys using any survey
you create.

Our platform eliminates the pain normally associated with scripting and programming survey software.

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  • eCapture is designed and developed by OutProsys, a leading ISO9001:2008 certified company based in Cape Town, as an alternative to pen, paper and manual data capture. It can be used in any environment that data needs to be captured for example: staff appraisals, market research surveys , event planning, product assessment, customer & employee satisfaction surveys.
  • eCapture runs on any current browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE) on any platform (Windows, Apple, Linux, Android, BB) and on any device (Smartphone, Tablet, Laptop) Our platform does not require any software to be installed, licence fees to be paid or compatible hardware to be purchased. Simply use what you have or let us help you find suitable devices.
  • eCapture can be used in an online and offline environment which means that you can continue to conduct your surveys without an internet connection or prepaid data. The platform tracks the GPS locations of the surveys which provide an audit trail of when & where surveys were conducted, providing further confidence in your data. It can be used to capture and upload pictures, small videos & sound clips and with integrated quota management interviewers and supervisors can check the project progress real-time.
  • The main difference between eCapture and other survey software tools is that you can continue to design your surveys however you wish using whatever tools you're most comfortable with. We then do the implementation & scripting for you and send you a link to simply start your surveys. This saves you time, money and the need to learn a new scripting language or programme. Do what you do best, outsource the rest.

How it Works

Get started with eCapture in three simple steps.
Contact us with your requirements
We will send you a proposal for approval
Email us your questions, answers and routing in a predefined excel format
Introductory Video
How to Video
Download Analysis




Simply email us what you need in a predefined excel format and we will do the setup, scripting and routing for you.


We challenge you to find better value for money per survey with no internal or external setup costs.


With eCapture you can use any current hardware device (PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone): giving you the freedom and flexibility to select the best hardware for the job.


You don't need to install or pay any software licence fees, you can simply open and use eCapture on any current web browser: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome.

Operating system

You are not limited to a Windows OS, you can use eCapture on any current operating system: Android, Mac, Linux.


With eCapture you can continue working on our platform even when you are offline, the data can be uploaded when you reconnect.


Our platform was built with mobile devices in mind so the page automatically resizes according to your screen size, unlike many other platforms out there.


Using GPS you can track when and where your surveys are completed.
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Key Features of

  • Create surveys simply by giving them to us in excel to setup at no charge
  • Complete surveys on any current web-browser
  • Using any current hardware device: PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone
  • Running any major operating system: Windows, Android, iOS, Linux
  • Define page & question logic rules & validation
  • Add entrance & exit messages to certain pages
  • Setup mandatory questions and randomise answers
  • Pipe your answers into separate questions
  • Brand your surveys and questions with logo's
  • Customise your 'thank-you' page and weblink URL
  • Restrict multiple surveys being completed by one respondent
  • Send out your survey via weblink, email, Twitter or Facebook
  • Monitor progress of your survey using the page progress indicator
  • Complete surveys offline and upload when online
  • Track the location of your surveys with GPS and Google maps
  • Setup multi-user security access levels
  • Create quota's for different interviewers
  • Monitor, view and download results real-time
  • Get full text analysis and coding of open ended questions
  • Download detailed output analysis with graphs and tables
  • Get phone and email support to answer your questions
  • Do what you Do best, outsource the rest


Below please find indicative pricing for the eCapture platform. Please note that setup and basic routing is free, subject to minimum volumes. We understand that every clients needs are different, so please Contact us for a formal quotation.

Indicative Pricing Quantity Cost Per Survey Total Cost
Surveys 1000 R 0.95 R 950.00
Questions 100 R 2.50 R 2,500.00
Open ended questions for coding 1 R 0.45 R 450.00
Other response questions for coding 10 R 1.50 R 1,500.00
Total R 5.40 R 5,400.00
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Contact Us

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