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Personalise your Online Survey Software

eCapture’s online survey software platform allows you to personalise every page of any online survey you need. This survey software tool can be sent out to your client database in many various ways including; weblink, email, Twitter or Facebook. Use the following methods to create a personalised survey that your client database will appreciate and be happy to complete:

    • Brand your online survey and questions with your logos
    • Customise a “Thank you” page
    • Create a unique weblink URL
    • Include entrance and exit messages to certain pages
  • Add unique images or video clips for respondents to see while completing your survey

eCapture Survey Software Platform

Create Surveys Simply

Demo eCapture’s Online Survey Software Platform

There are certain key features and benefits businesses need from an online survey software platform. Many of eCapture’s benefits have been mentioned in previous blogs but to fully understand and experience this survey software try eCapture’s demo on any of your current devices.

You will notice email and cellphone details are not required fields, but if you have any questions please email us at We are also available on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. To view indicative pricing for eCapture’s software platform or where and who we work for visit our website; eCapture.

eCapture Survey Software Platform

Create Surveys Simply

Versatile Online Survey Software

eCapture is an electronic survey platform that focuses on allowing customers to complete online surveys simply. After emailing your survey in the easy to use predefined excel format, which saves you time and money, eCapture staff will setup your survey and implement the many benefits that your online survey requires.

A key feature of eCapture is that you are not limited to a Windows operating system, you can use any current OS; Android, iOS or Linux. This is just one of the benefits that assist in having a survey software platform with no limitations.

All benefits and key features can be viewed here.

eCapture Survey Software Platform

Create Surveys Simply

Data Capture Services from OutProsys

OutProsys specializes in providing accurate data capture services (converting handwritten and typed information on paper-based documents into valuable electronic information).

Data-Capture’s blog can be viewed here with informative topics;

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data capture

do what you do best, outsource the rest

Mobile Survey Software Tool

eCapture survey software platform has many benefits, in this blog we will focus on two core benefits that make the eCapture survey software tool unique.

  1. Mobile
    eCapture is a survey software tool that automatically resizes according to your screen size
    Each page of your survey will be easy to read and navigate, whether it is on a desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone
    Use your device to upload photos onto your survey when using eCapture
  2.  Software
    No need to install additional software to create or complete a survey
    No Licence fees
    Use any current web browser (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome), off any device (desktop, laptop, tablet, smartphone)

eCapture Survey Software Platform

Create Surveys Simply