How to Complete an Online Survey

OutProsys developed a survey software platform with client engagement in mind.  Surveys need a good response rate to be successful and eCapture allows this through its affective easy to use design.

We have produced a short clip to show just how easy it is to complete a survey from eCapture;

Let’s take a quick look at how easy it is to complete a survey using eCapture;

  1. To start, go to and log in with your username (demo) and password (demo).
  2. The first thing you see is a list of all the current Surveys. I’m completing “Demo – eCapture – 1”, simply select it, then click “Add Survey” and we’re ready to go.
  3. First we need to fill out our respondent’s details, some of which may be required to move on. Fill out as much of the information as you need to, and click the “Save” button to add this respondent and proceed.
  4. Now let’s go through our first page of questions.
  5. Some of them require a simple yes/no answer.
  6. In the case of Question 2, we’ve designed it so that if a respondent answers “no”, a popup appears telling us that they need to answer “yes” for the survey to continue.
  7. Question 3 is an example of a multiple-choice question, where the user can only select one option in the list.
  8. Question 4 allows the user to submit a written answer…
  9. and Question 5 is numeric, meaning we only allow a number to be entered.
  10. When you’ve finished a page, click the “Next” button to move on.
  11. or click “Continue Later” if you want to finish up at another stage.
  12. Question 6 is an example of a multiple-choice question where the respondent can select more than one option. But, of course, if they select “None of the Above”, the other options are deselected.
  13. If the user answers Question 7 with a “no”, they’re automatically skipped forward to Question 9. This is a great way of routing people past questions that are irrelevant to them.
  14. And, finally, the respondent can sign their name and we’re done.
  15. When the survey is complete, click “Finish”.  You can then upload it with just the click of a button,
  16. and quickly see how far along you are with your quota.
  17. Click the “Map” button to see a detailed view of where your surveys have been completed.
  18. You can download in-depth stats about your project at any time, which you can view in a spread sheet program Excel. These include respondent details, GPS co-ordinates and a whole lot more.
  19. You can send these stats to a friend or colleague via email, by pressing the “Send Output” button and typing the email address in the box that pops up.

This is just a quick overview of some of the things eCapture can do for you. To try it out for yourself, visit eCapture

eCapture Survey Software Platform

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