Engagement is everything: 4 easy steps to increasing your survey response rates

The internet is flooded with requests for people’s time. Competitions, mailers and special sales are just a few of the things designed to interrupt people’s browsing experience. Due to this, it can be extremely hard to get your online survey to cut through the clutter. Below are a few tips to help you ensure your survey is getting the attention it deserves:


Be clear about privacy protections

The first page of the survey is the place to include information about how you will be using people’s responses. People are more comfortable sharing information on the Internet if they know how it will be used.


Send reminder emails

Some people will take your survey right away. You will get increased responses, if you send follow-up email reminders with the survey link included. It is best not to send more than two reminder emails. Be sure to filter out email addresses of people who do not wish to be contacted again.


Use graphics and Internet features strategically

Surveys generally don’t need fancy graphics, and sometimes graphics can distract from the content of the survey, or influence answers. But there are a few ways to use graphics to improve your survey responses. These include providing an image and web link for a prize or incentive, using a multimedia embedded content survey.


Publish your results online to survey participants

People who respond will want to see results, and getting these results will encourage them to complete the survey.

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